Vivaldi 2.0… Praise Jon! (again)

Mid-evening yesterday (Wednesday September 26th), the message came up on my Twitter that the latest version of Vivaldi Stable was available, and it was 2.0. I thought: “I must download and install that!”, and I promptly did so.

Alas, I forgot the usual troubles with video formats, and after uninstalling, reinstalling an earlier version then uninstalling that and reinstalling 2.0, it was essentially working, so I replaced the saved Bookmarks file back into the Default folder and restored a very similar colour scheme to the previous version. I then left it overnight, as it was playing some videos and what was coming up on YouTube seemed to be trouble-free.

Fast forward to today, and I got back home, booted up the computer and set to work. I went to the “Vivaldi browser for Linux” forum and checked the links there. At,

WebM and Ogg Theora seemed to work fine, but not H.264/MP4. I then tried installing additional lib64ffmpeg RPMs (I am running 64-bit Mageia 6), but restarting Vivaldi showed no improvement.

I then went to GitHub:


and downloaded the fileĀ

After running the file, and downloading the required proprietary files, I restarted Vivaldi, checking first at Quirksmode, and this time the H.264/MP4 was working fine. I also then checked Twitter, where embedded YouTube video now ran:

YouTube proper also ran normally and several other sites also ran videos without a hitch.

Of course, if I had been a patient person, I could have done all of this last night, but I’m not, so I did all of this tonight instead. But functionality has now all been restored, including the extensions (or most of them that I remember, at least), so we can say that this latest version of Vivaldi is now running as normal, for which I say (finally) “Praise Jon!” (again).

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